Achieve your goals by accelerating data - regardless of distance, type or size

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Revolutionise network data acceleration and performance with Bridgeworks

Bridgeworks’ expertise in optimisation of data performance stretches back over 35 years. Bridgeworks' industry defining data acceleration technology is re-defining business networks, enabling organisations to reach transfer speeds up to 200x faster, whether large volumes, encrypted or media files.

Prodec Networks and Bridgeworks share the same vision in ensuring companies can achieve liberation of data from wherever it may be, to wherever it needs to be, when it needs to be there. 

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Bridgeworks highest speed data transfer solution:

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Data acceleration with PORTrockIT

Bridgeworks PORTrockIT can help you boost your existing environment – rapidly moving your data across WAN’s regardless of distance, size or type of data. Find out more about the PORTrockIT appliance by downloading the PORTrockIT datasheet

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Why choose Bridgeworks?

Max utilisation

Bridgeworks can deliver 98% of your organisations achievable bandwidth regardless of distance and size of data.

Mitigate latency

Move open, encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated and/ or compressed data at near wire speed.

Remove constraints

Constraint is no longer the size of the pipe, after all, 1Gb, 10Gb and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm.

200x faster

Bridgeworks accelerates data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN optimisation technologies.

Resolve your data issues with Bridgeworks

Bridgeworks addresses and resolves many key issues such as latency faced by a company's current infrastructure. Bridgeworks' next-generation technology solves this challenge by accelerating data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN optimisation technologies.

Traditional WAN optimisation is not suitable for every business, especially when you consider today's increasing data demands. Bridgeworks' patented technology mitigates latency and minimises packet loss by 200x through innovative AI driven technology. Bridgeworks' dramatic reduction in latency allows organisations to utilise up to 98% of pipe bandwidth which in many cases doubles or triples an organisations previous bandwidth throughput.

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