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Good for Your Business, Good for the Environment

Cisco Refresh (certified remanufactured equipment) is a smart take on technology purchasing that sources products from Cisco’s reverse logistics. You’ll enjoy the same Cisco quality, value, performance, certified protection and support as you would for new products, but at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy huge savings with competitive pricing starting at 65% off original equipment prices, with no hidden costs. Buying from Cisco Refresh helps you to maximise your budget and significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

As a Cisco Premier Partner, Prodec Networks provides a wide range of Cisco certified refurbished equipment as part of the Cisco Refresh scheme. By purchasing authorised Cisco Refresh equipment from authorised sellers like Prodec, your organisation can acquire remanufactured Cisco hardware without the risk associated with purchasing unauthorised equipment.

Why choose Cisco Refresh?

Low Carbon Footprint

You’ll get the quality products you expect from Cisco with a fully sustainable low carbon footprint.

Peace of mind

Enjoy the same Cisco quality, value, performance, certified protection and support as you would for new products.

Minimal environmental impact

Products and materials are recovered, regenerated and resold to reduce the impact on the environment.

Maximise your budget

Competitive pricing starting at 65% off original equipment prices, plus no hidden costs.

Extensive Inventory

Choose from an extensive inventory of over 6,500 different new and end-of-sale products, remanufactured.

Low Risk

Products remanufactured with the same Cisco warranty and Cisco SMARTnet support options as equivalent new products.

Why a circular economy matters

The rate at which our society is consuming natural resources is outpacing our ability to regenerate and restore them. We can't keep taking without giving. Our resources will not last. But as a business, as a society, as a species, that's exactly what we have been doing. And it is not sustainable.

The circular economy is an alternative approach to doing business that keeps resources in use for as long as possible and maximizes their value. Once their service life ends, products and materials are recovered,  regenerated and resold. Here’s how it works:

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