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Delivering the same performance, quality and warranty with significant savings

As a Cisco Premier Partner, Prodec Networks provides a wide range of Cisco certified refurbished equipment as part of the Cisco Refresh scheme.

By purchasing authorised Cisco Refresh equipment from authorised sellers like Prodec, your organisation can acquire remanufactured Cisco hardware without the risk associated with purchasing unauthorised equipment. All Cisco Refresh equipment is remanufactured to the high standards you can expect from Cisco, and every unit has to fulfil a rigorous testing process before it’s released for sale. The end result is a high-quality unit accompanied by the same licensing and warranty that you would receive when buying new, but with a saving of at least 65%.

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How can Prodec Networks help you with your Cisco networking project?

Cisco Refresh offers a price-competitive option for organisations who require increased levels of flexibility when it comes to cost, or for when you need to replace a tried-and-tested piece of network hardware which is no longer available as new. Prodec has a wide range of authorised new and Refresh equipment in stock, including Cisco hardware now associated with being end-of-life.

Prodec can also support your newly purchased or existing network equipment. With a variety of support service levels including Cisco SMARTnet and shared support options, Prodec can help you achieve your business continuity targets, ensuring business productivity and network stability.

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