A single powerful data management platform for hybrid cloud, private cloud, and on-premises data centers

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Converge primary storage, backup, DR, mobility, and encryption into a single powerful platform

Data lifecycle management today is complicated and increasingly difficult to do instantly. The 5 critical functions of data: primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, encryption, and mobility are all trapped in silos and are a massive burden to IT.

Prodec Networks has partnered with Datrium to help relieve this burden and simplify this complicated world.

By converging these critical functions of data, Datrium helps enterprises to radically simplify their data management, get failproof on-demand disaster recovery in the cloud, recover quickly from ransomware attacks, and easily move data across clouds.

Datrium's products help to free IT leaders from the challenges and constraints of the past, allowing them to move forward and focus on what brings true value to the organisation.

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Introducing: Datrium Automatrix

Datrium Automatrix is the first autonomous data platform to converge the five essential data services - primary storage, backup, encryption, mobility and DR - with a consistent operating experience across multiple clouds.

It eliminates product sprawl, workload immobility, and siloed data management to remove the roadblocks to business agility, while optimizing IT investment and mitigating risk.


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What Automatrix can do for you

Simplify data management

Consolidate and converge data silos

Improve data portability

From on premises to the cloud and back

Reduce IT spend

Lower IT costs and consistently manage data

Mitigate risk

Mitigate the risk of ransomware and natural disasters

Instantly Recover from Disasters and Ransomware Attacks

Datrium DRaaS provides fail proof on-demand disaster recovery (DR) with VMware Cloud on AWS for all VMware workloads running in the cloud and on premises. It includes cloud backup, DR orchestration, and on-demand DR sites in VMware Cloud on AWS.

DRaaS eliminates the need for costly physical DR sites as you only pay for DR resources when disaster strikes or for testing. It keeps data safe and secure, and continuous compliance checks enable users to confidently execute failover and failback.

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With Datrium solutions, you get DR and DHCI done right, so you can be confident that your applications will run fast, and your data is safe and secure in the cloud or on-premises. Let Prodec Networks show you how.

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