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Digi Technologies

Deploy mission-critical connectivity with Digi Technologies

Digi Technologies is the leading provider of purpose-built wireless solutions that connect millions of sensors, valves, and components that make critical infrastructures function. Digi solutions deliver outstanding performance in even the most challenging of environments and provide an essential layer of machine-to-machine communications (the remote monitoring and management) that your critical applications depend on.

Prodec Networks is a preferred supplier of Digi technologies and has helped support a number of high profile organisations, including one of the UK's largest cash machine networks, through its delivery of Digi hardware and software.

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Prodec Networks supplies a wide range of Digi products. If you would like a quote on a specific requirement, get in touch below.

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Digi Technologies partner - Digi TransPort WR21 router

Digi TransPort® WR21

Digi Transport WR21 is a compact, low-cost enterprise router for remote and mobile networks. It offers the flexibility to scale from basic connectivity to enterprise-class routing and security. Digi TransPort WR21 provides primary and backup WWAN connectivity over 3G/4G/LTE.

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Digi Technologies partner - Specialised USB hub, AnywhereUSB from Digi


Digi AnywhereUSB products are specialised network-attached USB hubs that connect USB peripheral devices anywhere on a LAN – without a locally-attached host PC. This enables deployments into environments where having a local PC is not practical, such as ATM's, kiosks and manufacturing lines.

Download the anywhere USB Datasheet
Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager

Digi's Remote Manager enables you to manage and control your Digi devices from one centralised, secure platform. It allows you to monitor the health of your devices from any location and notifies you of any potential network problems. 

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