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Are you looking for a leading Fortinet partner to help you protect your entire network infrastructure? Prodec Networks is proud to be a trusted Fortinet Partner; helping businesses nationwide protect their networks from the endpoint all the way through to the cloud.

Prodec works closely with Fortinet to provide specialist security expertise to businesses of all sectors and sizes. Whether it’s an integrated platform or collaborative security fabric, Prodec’s team of highly qualified security engineers are readily available to guide and support you through implementing your Fortinet security solution.

Businesses are connecting to a plethora of devices and retaining more data than ever before. This, applied with increasingly dispersed workforces and complex network architectures, means that businesses can end up with a configuration of disparate security products. Like Fortinet, Prodec Networks recognises that the best solution is simplicity. Implementing security solutions that integrate and collaborate, sharing threat intelligence and adapting accordingly, is the key to the success of your evolving network. Prodec Networks is privileged to support Fortinet in helping businesses benefit from secure and efficient security solutions.

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Secure your enterprise with Fortinet

Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet Security Fabric integrates technology for endpoint, access layer, network, applications, data center, content, & cloud, all into one security solution. Discover how the Fortinet Security Fabric addresses enterprise security concerns in this expert guide.

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Silver Fortinet partner - Fortinet NGFW

Next-generation firewalls

FortiGate next generation firewalls are built to deliver top-rated protection and high performance. FortiGate reduces complexity by providing visibility into applications, users and network. This enables you to adopt security best practices across your organisation. 

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Do you know your network vulnerabilities?

A Fortinet cyber threat assessment can help improve your security and threat prevention. By identifying application vulnerabilities and malware/ botnets present on your network and devices, it's easy to pinpoint which are at risk of an attack. This free 7-day assessment is easy to initiate and causes no interruption to your infrastructure.

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