Optimise and improve your Microsoft infrastructure with Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks is a silver Microsoft partner with a specialisation in hosted and datacentre services. The second-to-none technical capability of Prodec's Microsoft engineers is vast and unrivalled, allowing the team to assist with underlying technologies that power Microsoft's spectrum of on-premise and hosted servers and applications.

With 20 years of experience working with the Microsoft products and services portfolio, Prodec's engineers know the intricacies and best practices that enable Prodec to deliver exceptional Microsoft services and deployments.

About Microsoft

Microsoft's range of consumer and business solutions are expansive and ingrained into everyday use on both a personal and business level for billions of people. Microsoft Windows is the go-to desktop operating system for a huge number of organisations, and its Office applications and web browsers are utilised in homes and offices across the globe.

Microsoft also provides a number of enterprise backend infrastructure and hosting solutions. Its Azure cloud platform is one of the largest public cloud platforms in the world, and provides infrastructure-as-a-service and virtualisation services for businesses. Likewise, for on-premise infrastructure, Microsoft supplies a broad and established range of industry-leading servers and supporting software.

No matter how your business uses Microsoft technologies, Prodec Networks can help. Prodec's Microsoft solutions include assistance moving from an on-premise to Azure deployment, server configurations, replication of services and even provision of Office 365 licenses. 

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Microsoft Services

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