Palo Alto Networks have pioneered the next generation of network security with its innovative security platform.

Are you searching for a security solution that can keep your critical infrastructure safe from targeted attacks?

Prodec Networks proudly partners with Palo Alto Networks to deliver the very best security platforms. Prodec Networks and Palo Alto Networks share the same commitment to cybersecurity and innovation, ensuring businesses across the globe always remain one step ahead of even the most advanced cyber attacks.

Palo Alto’s pioneering security platform provides end users with an unmatched level of visibility and control, enabling applications to perform securely and without disruption. At the core of this platform is a next-generation firewall, which delivers visibility and control over applications, users, and content by using a highly optimised hardware and software architecture. 

Now a five-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, Palo Alto Networks are widely recognised as industry leaders and have become the world’s fastest growing security company in the market. Prodec Networks takes security seriously and is committed to delivering only the very best solutions to its customers. Palo Alto is an ideal choice for businesses searching for a security platform capable of protecting every corner of their organisation.

Why Palo Alto Networks?

Palo Alto Networks is one of the world’s leading security companies, which maintains trust in the digital age by helping over 34,000 organisations worldwide prevent cyber breaches.

Palo Alto Networks’ Next Generation Security Platform is game changing, providing its customers with the confidence to pursue new technology initiatives such as mobility and cloud without exposing themselves to cyber threats. 

Palo Alto successfully combine network, cloud and endpoint security with advanced threat intelligence in a natively integrated security platform. This ensures highly automated, preventive protection is consistently delivered at all stages of an attack lifecycle, protecting your business without compromising the performance of business applications.

Prodec Networks supplies the full range of Palo Alto Networks hardware products, including:

Palo Alto PA-200

Palo Alto PA-220

Palo Alto PA-500

Palo Alto PA-800 Series

Palo Alto PA-3000 Series

Palo Alto PA-5000 Series

Palo Alto PA-5200 Series


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