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Prodec Networks is proud to partner with SentinelOne to provide businesses with behavioural based detection and intelligent automation that stops the most advanced forms of malware, ransomware, exploits and insider attacks dead in their tracks. Are you looking for a trusted SentinelOne partner to help you implement a next-generation endpoint and server protection platform? 

Prodec has a large team of highly skilled technical engineers who are experienced in helping all types of businesses install resilient endpoint security solutions that businesses can depend on. Prodec’s team of engineers can work with you to help you stay ahead and protect your network from sophisticated attacks.

With a wealth of knowledge in cyber security and threat prevention, Prodec Networks fully supports SentinelOne in leading organisations into the new era of next-generation endpoint and server protection.

Why SentinelOne?

SentinelOne has recently announced its decision to establish the first-ever $1 million ransomware protection guarantee to protect its customers against one of today’s most prevalent threats.

SentinelOne’s next-generation endpoint protection platform is the latest transformation in endpoint security software, providing unparalleled threat visibility at minimum system impact. By using several layers of attack prevention, including behaviour detection and machine learning, this leading platform is able to stop attacks like no other platform can. As a certified anti-virus replacement solution, SentinelOne is able to successfully predict malicious behaviour, rapidly eliminate threats and create seamlessly adapt defences.

SentinelOne has been recognised by Garter as the “only vendor in this analysis that includes full EDR-type functionality in the core platform.” In the 2016 Endpoint Protection Magic Quadrant, Gartner also stated that, “SentinelOne is a good prospect to replace or augment existing EPP solutions for any company looking for a fresh approach and integrated EDR.”

Get in touch with the specialists at Prodec Networks today to request a live demonstration of the SentinelOne and receive tailored advice or any questions concerning your business network security.

SentinelOne: Ransomware Killer

Always stay one step ahead of zero-day malware and ransomware with SentinelOne.

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