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Award-winning cloud video conferencing and workforce collaboration services

StarLeaf's cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration solutions deliver real value to your business. StarLeaf gives your employees the tools they need to work faster and smarter, to collaborate more easily, and to make better, more informed decisions. Whether it’s one-to-one video calls, small online meetings, large web conferences, or chats between teams; StarLeaf’s solutions enhance productivity and provide seamless collaboration. 

StarLeaf offers a range of solutions built to suit varied, modern working environments. From small huddle spaces to the largest meeting rooms, and from fixed desks and offices to roaming, remote and home workers, StarLeaf brings powerful, cloud-based video communication to every employee, wherever they choose to work, and whatever device they are on.

StarLeaf is the ideal solution for all workspaces...

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Conference and boardrooms

Your larger meeting spaces need to be fitted with technology that allows large groups of people, including external participants, to communicate, share, present and discuss information, as easily and as productively as possible. StarLeaf allows you to achieve this.

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Smaller meeting spaces

StarLeaf’s range of solutions for smaller meeting spaces, including huddle rooms, enable smaller groups to discuss, debate, share ideas, and review presentations with remote participants, just as effectively as if they were in the same room.

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Desktop, mobile, and remote

The workplace is no longer as fixed as it once was and workforces are becoming increasingly distributed. StarLeaf provides messaging, meeting and calling tools that work consistently for your employees, regardless of how and where they choose to work, and on what devices.

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A StarLeaf solution allows you to...

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Talk to anyone, face-to-face, anywhere, anytime

StarLeaf enables you to hold peer-to-peer or group video calls that feel seamless, natural and as if you’re in the same room as the people you're calling. StarLeaf’s video calling and conferencing products offer reliable, easy to use, high definition voice and video, with great quality, even on slower connections. StarLeaf’s cloud technology offers unparalleled interoperability with other video calling services, so your organisation can reach out and connect with the widest possible audience.


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Enable fast, effective group communication

The StarLeaf app helps your employees to work more productively and collaborate more easily with a messaging service that lets teams and individuals quickly discuss projects, ask questions and keep up-to-date. With one-to-one messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call, it’s all about effective communication.


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Meet and collaborate with ease, from anywhere on any device

StarLeaf’s flexible and intuitive technology facilitates productive meetings, enabling greater collaboration and easier sharing of ideas wherever you are and whatever device you are on. Whether in a smaller huddle space or a large auditorium, at your desk or on the move, StarLeaf’s video conferences are as close as you can get to bringing your whole audience into the same room.

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Getting started with StarLeaf couldn't be easier. You can download the StarLeaf app for free and be up and running in no time. Simply click the link below and complete the form to gain access to the download link for your required OS. 

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