Prodec Networks is a leading Watchful Software partner

Watchful Software delivers user-friendly, data-centric classification across your organisation’s data and information, and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of data classification solutions.

Watchful Software is focused on providing data-centric information protection solutions that keeps your business data and information safe. Its flagship solution RightsWATCH addresses the challenge of how a company protects its most classified information, and ensures that only authorised individuals can access and view classified data.

Prodec works alongside Watchful to support businesses in the selection, implementation and support of data classification security solutions that match your business’ requirements and needs.  Prodec’s team of experienced technical engineers can support you in the implementation, configuration and support of your Watchful solution to ensure it’s set up correctly and runs efficiently.

Why Watchful Software?

RightsWATCH is compatible with businesses of all sectors and sizes, giving every business ranging from SMBs to Enterprises an effective way to mark, tag, classify and encrypt sensitive data, eliminating the danger of data falling into the wrong hands.

Watchful’s data security solutions also help businesses comply with current and planned European and global legislations about the protection of data. With the EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2018, it’s important that businesses are prepared for how this could affect the way they handle data.

Learn more about RightsWATCH from Watchful Software by clicking on the banner below.

RightsWATCH from Watchful

Learn about Watchful's dynamic data classification solution RightsWATCH here.

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