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Zebra Technologies

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Prodec Networks proudly partners with Zebra Technologies to provide a customised ecosystem of enterprise solutions which allow organisations to reach new levels of performance. With decades of industry experience, Zebra designs solutions with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving the best-action guidance needed to optimise in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.

The edge you need to succeed

With rugged, easy-to-use devices, software, supplies and services, Zebra’s solutions give those on the front line of business the confidence to go head to head with competition, face to face with customers and heart to heart with patients. Zebra's customised ecosystem of enterprise solutions allows your organisation to reach new levels of performance.

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Zebra's cross-industry solutions

Zebra Technologies partner - Barcode scanning in warehouse

Warehouse management

Eliminate the challenge presented by teams on the move with technology designed specifically for employees who work in the field, in real time.

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Zebra Technologies partner - An employee working in the field

Field operations

Eliminate the challenge presented by teams on the move with technology designed specifically for employees who work in the field.

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Zebra Technologies partner - Barcode scanning in retail

Location solutions

Zebra's technologies illuminate the daily events involving your people, assets and actions. You can monitor in real time the location, condition, timing, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring in your business.

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Why choose Zebra's solutions?

Unprecedented visibility

As operations become increasingly complex and volatile, businesses need greater visibility into their assets.

Optimised operations

With greater visibility, control and automation, we can simplify and optimise your operations so you can focus on innovation.

Empowered workers

Your employees are on the front lines of your business. Give them the tools they need to communicate and collaborate, and you will empower them to increase productivity.

Transform customer experience

To satisfy your customers and gain a competitive advantage, enable the front line of your enterprise with business solutions that drive better, faster and smarter performance.

Explore Zebra's innovative products:

Barcode scanners

Speed and accuracy. You need them. Zebra excels in them. Any type of data. Any condition. Scan it right. Scan it fast. The first time, every time. And that’s just the start. Zebra goes beyond the barcode and delivers an unparalleled overall scanning experience. That’s why Zebra’s barcode scanners and imagers have led the industry for years.

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Barcode printers

People. Products. Processes. No matter what you’re tracking or tagging, with barcodes or RFID, Zebra has the most advanced solutions. This legacy of innovation continues with market-leading desktop, industrial, card and mobile printers which are embedded with software for remote management, easy integration and peak performance. Choose a complete printing solution.

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