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Stay safe, secure and productive with remote working

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continue to spread around the world, millions of organisations are moving to remote work.

With the situation being so unpredictable, it has become a priority for organisations to review the technology and processes which enable workforces to be as productive, creative, and secure as possible; all whilst working from any location.

As providers in networking, security, and collaboration technology, Prodec Networks’ team of specialists are perfectly placed to help you identify and deploy a secure remote access solution for your organisation.


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Confidently connect all remote workers to your network with a secure, stable and reliable solution which delivers a similar experience to when connecting directly to your network.

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Get the best out of your workforce with a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform with integrated tools; including real-time instant messaging, collaborative team workspaces, audio/ video conferencing, and collaborative desktop sharing.

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Implement a security platform which provides comprehensive visibility, threat prevention, compliance assurance, and data protection consistently across multi-cloud environments.

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FREE: Team collaboration services

In response to the spread of coronavirus, many of the major collaboration and video conferencing software vendors are now offering services to users at no extra cost.

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Supply of IT hardware & parts.

The spread of Covid-19 within the UK will continue to impact significantly on IT activities during the course of the coming weeks in the form of delay and disruption to on-site activities and project supply chains.

Such disruption could be enhanced if the Government decides to impose travel or similar restrictions.

Keep IT projects on track

To help minimise the impact caused by extended lead times for IT products and parts, Prodec Networks is able to assist companies by offering a comprehensive portfolio of fully Certified Remanufactured equipment from HP, HPE, Aruba Networks and Cisco; including laptops, servers, storage, switches, routers, firewalls and more.

Prodec currently has access to a large number of Cisco and HPE products which are available with short lead times. Contact us today to discuss the availability and price of the products you require. 

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Tips for effective remote work

How remote workers can stay productive, creative, and secure whilst working from home.

Set up your workspace

Find a space in your home free from distractions so you can concentrate and work comfortably.

Communicate often

Your work from home routine may not match your usual pattern in the office, especially if you have to balance childcare with work. Communicate your schedule with colleagues so they know when you're available.

Maintain healthy boundaries.

Without the normal workday signals, like a commute, it can be harder to unplug. Make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, and give yourself opportunities to “clock out” from remote work at the end of the day.

Stay connected

Use collaboration tools and features like video and instant messaging to stay in regular contact with colleagues. Have fun, chat often and maintain solid teamwork.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

As you know, the current Coronavirus situation is changing daily and is something we will continue to monitor closely over the coming days and weeks. One thing that is consistent is our priority to ensure the health & safety of our staff, technology partners and customers. Prodec Networks is following governmental guidelines for health and safety to ensure the services we offer remain safe for everyone involved and will keep you informed of any changes that may need to be implemented to facilitate this.

Need help with remote working?

Prodec Networks has an expert team of remote work specialists and can assist with everything from secure remote access to collaboration technology. Simply click the link below to request a 15 minute consultation to help us understand your requirements. 

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