Creating temporary networks for construction sites, and can support your project with full network infrastructure installations.

For over 15 years, Prodec Networks has successfully delivered unique IT solutions to fit an array of bespoke requirements essential to the construction industry.

Today, construction businesses are challenged by a limited workforce and an ever-expanding market. In order to keep up with growing demand, the construction and manufacturing sector relies heavily on high quality, robust IT services that are dependable and durable. Prodec can also work alongside your construction business and install a network on your behalf.

Prodec Networks thoroughly understands the fundamental nature of the construction industry and can help overcome the challenges faced with effective tailored IT solutions.

Construction IT solutions include:

Site Network Installations

Prodec Networks can work with your construction business to design and implement a fully integrated IT network into your site to ensure the best connectivity and resilience once your customers occupy their new building.

Temporary Wireless Networks

Modern construction sites need to stay connected to head office during the period that your work is being carried out. Prodec Networks provides a number of efficient temporary solutions such as bonded 3G/4G, rented IT hardware, beacon technologies and temporary WiFi to ensure your sites stay connected.

Mobile Working

Keeping your employees connected and available no matter where they are can improve efficiency and ensure your staff are always on call. Prodec provides solutions such as mobile hardware, mobile data connectivity and mobile workforce services to keep your staff available when they're on the go.

Support Services

With nearly 20 years of networking experience, Prodec can provide technical IT support for temporary or fixed sites, ensuring you can concentrate on the things that really matter. Support services range from one-off emergency assistance to long-term fixed support contracts with dedicated engineers always a call away.

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