Prodec Networks supplies complete education IT solutions to schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Technology is playing a prominent role in the transformation of education, and is helping to meet the evolving demands of students, parents and teachers.

Prodec Networks understands the challenges education IT managers face on a day to day basis. Ensuring the proper delivery of the level of services demanded is often juggled with additional responsibilities often unrelated to IT. In order to keep up with ever-evolving service demands, education establishments must maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure. However, with limited budgets and other priorities taking hold, this can become a huge challenge for IT managers.

Prodec Networks can help ease this challenge by offering complete solutions that provide schools, colleges and universities with a high performance IT infrastructure, behind the scenes of a classroom.

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Prodec's education IT solutions include:


Prodec Networks can provide a variety of all-important hardware designed for education purposes. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, servers and interactive equipment such as whiteboards. Are you on a tight budget for your hardware? If so, Prodec Networks can provide a large range of refurbished hardware as well as new.

Network Services

Connectivity in your education establishment is key. Prodec Networks can help ensure your network stays accessible to your staff and pupils by offering a variety of hardware and software including telephony solutions, switches, and secure wireless solutions. Prodec can even help design your network infrastructure from the bottom up.

Network Security

Your pupil information needs to stay confidential and secure. Prodec Networks provides a variety of security hardware and software solutions to education environments including next-generation firewalls (NGFW), access and authentication technology, WiFi security and data protection solutions, such as cloud backup and content security.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based solutions offer a flexible and strategic way to manage your IT. Hosting your network in the cloud with a third party such as Prodec Networks can alleviate stress and save money. Prodec's cloud services include virtual desktop infrastructures, network hosting, data management and server virtualisation.


As well as providing a number of technology solutions, Prodec also offers comprehensive IT support and maintenance contracts to a number of education establishments across the UK, ensuring their learning technology remains reliable, accessible and secure.

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