Prodec provides healthcare organisations across the UK with bespoke network IT solutions

Prodec Networks recognises that health organisations across the UK are under increasing pressure to improve IT services and patient care, whilst controlling escalating costs.

Having supported the healthcare sector for over 15 years, Prodec Networks can work alongside your healthcare professionals to deliver advanced network systems and services that promote optimal management of all medical and healthcare practices nationwide.

From wireless access to storage, security and telephony solutions, the experts at Prodec Networks can help deliver efficient results that make a difference to daily healthcare operations, employees and patients.

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Prodec's healthcare IT solutions include:

Mobile Working

In non-static environments such as hospitals and surgeries, instant access to patient records regardless of location is vital. Making sure you're connected to your network no matter where you are, or what device you're working on offers a great advantage. Prodec offers many mobile working solutions including virtualisation, cloud, mobile and telephony solutions.

Patient Experience through Wireless

Improving the comfort of your guests can be supported by secure guest-accessible technology solutions. Prodec Networks can offer guest WiFi access and portable hardware solutions that will enhance the patient experience.

Network Security

Medical records need to be easily accessible but also extremely secure and recoverable. Prodec can provide your healthcare organisation with security solutions such as end-to-end security services, mobile device management, database security and data loss prevention.

Data Management

Ensuring your data is stored securely, whilst remaining accessible and manageable is fundamental. Prodec Networks works with a number of healthcare organisations helping them to manage their data as best as possible, with solutions such as secure data protection, storage hardware and storage virtualisation.

Infrastructure Support

Giving your infrastructure the same level of care as your patients can save you time, resources and money. Prodec Networks offers a number of infrastructure installation and support services including WiFi, cabling installation, network services and telephony.

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