Improving customer service, business productivity and marketing strategy with intelligent technology.

Today’s retailers are under increasing pressure to compete on a global scale to meet the ever-growing expectations of consumers.

Prodec Networks understands that effective IT solutions now play an essential role in the evolution of retail, and retailers must encompass innovative technology in order to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive.

In order to offer consumers a more seamless experience, Prodec Networks works with retailers to improve IT infrastructures that help ease the management of complex operations and provide access to valuable customer data.

Picking the right cloud provider for your organisation

So you're thinking of moving some of your IT infrastructure to the cloud, but don't know where to start? Read this Prodec Networks cloud e-guide today and start your journey!


Retail IT solutions include:

Customer experience through wireless

Empower your customers and make it as easy as possible for them to be able to purchase. Prodec Networks provides technology solutions such as secure guest WiFi and BLE beacon technology to ensure your customers can connect to your e-platform and help you sell more.

Network services

Keeping your head office and stores connected can be a difficult to manage operation. Prodec offers many networking solutions to ensure your sites stay connected, whilst keeping your extensive customer data secure.


With three UK-based data centres and directly employed UK engineers, Prodec provides a number of cost-efficient and reliable hosting solutions ranging from server virtualisation to full management of your IT infrastructure.

Network security

Offering unsecure WiFi may seem like a simple way to help your customers, but is a gateway to many potential security risks. Prodec Networks offers wireless intrusion protection, next-generation firewalls and a range of other information security solutions to keep your network secure.

Support services

Prodec provides a number of support services such as network support contracts, emergency assistance and end of life support, to provide you with a safety net and make sure downtime remains at a minimum.

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