Network solutions designed for SMBs that encourage customer retention, improved productivity and all-important network reliability.

Whilst Prodec Networks delivers networking services to large enterprises, Prodec also provides network solutions of all shapes and sizes to a countless number of small to medium sized businesses. 

For SMBs, customer retention is key, perhaps even more so than for larger enterprises. Prodec can support a customer-centric approach to business with innovative communication and mobility technologies that mean your employees can interact with your customers more efficiently and effectively. Prodec can also support SMBs with virtualisation and cloud projects to ensure your business network is cost effective and reliable.

Whether your business operates from a single site, or consists of a multi-site network, Prodec Networks has the infrastructure, capacity and experience to fully assist you in your network projects, no matter how big or how small. These services have ranged from entire network refreshes or builds to the supply of network hardware and software.

Prodec's SMB network solutions include:


Communication with clients and customers is key, to success no matter what your business does. Prodec telephony solutions such as cloud contact centres, unified communications solutions and video conferencing make getting in touch with your business stress free and simple, for both your employees and their customers alike.

Mobile Working

Prodec Networks can support your mobile working initiatives with innovative technologies and software. If you're looking to implement or reign in a BYOD policy at your business, or trying to offer flexible working as an incentive to your employees, Prodec can help.

Cloud Services

Hosting your network on the Prodec cloud has many benefits including flexibility, scalability and cost savings. Prodec operates from three UK data centres and offers solutions such hosting and off-premise virtualisation.


Prodec provides businesses with a variety of new, refurbished and leased hardware. Whether you're looking to implement a new network on a new site or simply require a couple of new telephone handsets, get in touch with Prodec Networks.

Network Support

Prodec can also support your SMB with ongoing network support, to ensure your business is secure, reliable, and always up. Prodec supports a variety of vendor hardware and software and can provide engineers at short notice when required. For more information on Prodec's support capabilities please visit the network support page.

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