Unrestricted access to office communications, regardless of location

For true collaboration, your employees need to be able to communicate and operate when they're not sat at a desk. By placing professional unified communications features on portable devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the team can continue to work together as effectively as possible regardless of geographical location.

Collaboration is the key to business success; the ability to keep in touch wherever you're based and on whichever device or network you choose is now a must have, and not just a competitive advantage. As such, Prodec partners with Mitel to provide businesses with the means to collaborate at any time.

Introducing Mitel Connect Mobility

Prodec's communications mobility services are available as part of Mitel Connect, a leading unified communications and collaboration platform from Mitel. Connect Mobility features and benefits include:

Office anywhere  employees are not tied to a physical location and can be contacted anywhere, any time.

VoIP over WiFi and 4G – keep connections up and costs down by utilising VoIP on the go.

Multi-channel communications  seamless video, instant messaging and voice, all available on the go.

BYOD enablement fully utilise personal devices without blending the lines between personal and business contact information.

Secure enterprise communications – mobile voice communications are encrypted and secured behind user-level authentication.

Conference software integration – work calendar integration and "one-click" direct access to web conference software.

Mitel Connect

Discover how Mitel Connect's flexible communications adapt to your needs.

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