Open the door to integrated voice communications with a Prodec VoIP phone system.

VoIP has become a key technology enabler that allows access to a fully integrated unified communications platform, whilst decreasing operational costs. Prodec has helped organisations of all sizes take advantage of the many benefits a voice over IP solution has to offer. Prodec provides a range of IP phone solutions to suit your specific business requirements, including:

On-premise phone systems  - Equipment located on your premises, using both traditional and IP technology

Hosted phone systems - Hosted solely in the cloud with no system hardware, maintenance or expansion costs

Hybrid phone systems - Integrate analogue, digital and VoIP into one solution to get the best of cloud and on-premise, with a solution that blends the two together

8 years to go until the end of ISDN

What does the end of ISDN and PSTN mean for your business? How can you prepare for the upcoming switch to the UK’s IP core network coming in 2025?

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Key benefits of Prodec VoIP include:

Cost-effective calls

Prodec's VoIP services mean that you aren't tied to a specific telecommunications provider, and calls are transmitted through the internet, meaning you won't be charged on minute-by-minute usage.


Prodec's VoIP solutions allow you to easily add new phone numbers or extensions via the web, without the need for extra costs and set-up times associated with traditional telephony upgrades.


If you’re going to be away from the office and still need to make and receive calls, then this can be accomplished by a Prodec VoIP solution. Any internet-enabled device that has communication functionality can be used to send and receive calls via your VoIP telephone network.


Along with the standard features that one would expect from a telephone system, a Prodec VoIP solution has many advanced features such as caller ID, conference calling, voice-to-email, call waiting and call forwarding as standard.

Maximum resilience

Your VoIP is hosted on two of three UK based datacentres, allowing for constant uptime and improved resilience, and is delivered using dedicated, private networks.

High service levels

Assure security and availability through a fully redundant Prodec Networks VoIP core network.

Prodec Networks knows how important your telephony is, and how it fits into your business processes as a whole. As such, Prodec will help you make the transition to VoIP as smoothly as possible. Alternatively, if you already have an existing IP telephony solution in place, Prodec's team can work with you to improve your existing system, or upgrade to a new platform that’s bespoke to your business needs.

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