Business-grade tools for sharing information and communicating effectively from the desk, meeting room and the road.

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Nurture innovation and productivity with Prodec’s collaboration and communication tools

As today’s workforces become more distributed, businesses are looking at ways to prevent distance from becoming a barrier for effective communication. Prodec's award-winning collaboration division assists organisations looking to support the needs of their modern workforce. Prodec builds and implements solutions that allow teams to connect and work together regardless of whether they’re working from a desk in the office or home, from a meeting room, or even on the go.

Prodec Networks works with organisations to understand their unique collaboration requirements, including personal communication preferences, customer communication needs, distribution of staff, and network capabilities. By integrating communications channels such as voice, video and instant messaging with data sharing and meeting tools, Prodec’s collaboration solutions bring a workforce together by creating connected working environments where distance is never a barrier.

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Technology that puts collaboration first

Collaboration - A businessman uses a laptop and mobile phone in a meeting

Unified communications

Prodec's brilliantly simple unified communications platforms integrate the best voice, conferencing, video and instant messaging applications, allowing your employees to access them from a single platform on a range of devices and from any location.

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Collaboration - A businessman works on a laptop

Business telephony

Despite the myriad of ways in which people can now communicate, talking to someone over the phone still remains one of the most productive and preferred methods. Prodec Networks offers a variety of business telephony solutions, from basic dial tone to feature-rich solutions, to suit the needs of your business. 

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Collaboration - A team video conferences

Video conferencing

Prodec’s suite of easy-to-use video collaboration equipment allows users to extend desk-based video conferencing applications to the meeting room. This ensures your team’s preferred collaboration applications such as Skype for Business and Cisco Webex Teams are easy to access and quick to set up even when using dedicated HD video equipment.

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Collaboration - Colleagues use an interactive screen

Meeting rooms

The best meeting room technologies are easy to use, quick to set up, play nicely with each other, and are built for teamwork. Prodec works with businesses to implement fully-integrated meeting rooms that ideally utilise the same collaboration applications used in other business environments to make moving a session into a meeting room as seamless as possible.

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Why choose Prodec Networks for your collaboration?

Platform-first, hardware second

Unlike most organisations, Prodec starts with the collaboration application, and suggests the best tools for a successful integration.

Network integration

Considering network integration ensures collaboration technologies run seamlessly without impacting negatively on the network.

Installation specialists

Prodec’s team of dedicated collaboration engineers ensure installation and configuration is always to a high standard.

Dedicated support and service desk

An in-house team of engineers and support specialists are available 24/7 to resolve support queries as efficiently as possible.

Strong partner relationships

Prodec has a number of strong collaboration partnerships, including Cisco, Mitel, StarLeaf, SMART, Microsoft and Avocor.

True passion

There’s real value in getting business collaboration right, and Prodec takes great pride in the fantastic infrastructures it builds.

Innovative collaboration technologies from the worlds leading manufacturers

Are you looking to...

Collaboration - An employee works on the go

Have a truly mobile workforce?

Create an “always on” workplace where users can securely connect to data and applications from any location, regardless of where the office is.

Mobilise your workforce
Collaboration - An employee uses a laptop in a meeting

Secure your business endpoints?

Quickly identify and eliminate attacks targeting endpoint devices and reduce the threat of endpoint-borne cyber-crime.

Protect your endpoints

How can Prodec help you get the most out of your workforce?

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