Business telephony

Communications tools designed to make collaboration quick, simple and available from anywhere

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Business telephony

Feature-rich phone systems that make business communications brilliantly simple

Your business phone system is always going to be a critical element of your business communications suite, so it’s vital that it’s accessible, simple-to-use, and doesn’t restrict your workforce from achieving their business goals by being overly complicated.

Prodec Networks offer a range of flexible options to support businesses of all sizes looking to improve their current communications capabilities or implement a new feature-rich phone system. With hosted, on-premise and hybrid Voice over IP platforms available to choose from, the final product will match the requirements of your business today and in the future.

Flexible deployment options include:

Business phone systems - employee using cloud phone system

Cloud phone system

Fully managed and supported cloud phone systems without the need for any system hardware or maintenance costs.

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Business phone systems - employee using on-site phone system

On-site phone system

Flexible, scalable and feature-rich phone systems that accommodate your needs today with the capability to solve tomorrow’s problems.

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Features and benefits of a Prodec phone system include:

Flexible deployment

Hosted and on-premise options for managing your phones ensure your new system is controlled in a way that suits your business goals.

Integration with UC

Integration with unified communications channels such as instant messaging, video conferencing and meeting setups ensure fluid communication.

True mobility

Call forwarding to mobiles ensure availability and access to your business line from any location.

Cooperative costing

Depending on your deployment preferences, Prodec can offer a fully OpEx, CapEx or hybrid costing model.


As your business grows, so too must your phone system. Prodec’s phone sytems are license-based, so adding a new user is as simple as requesting a new license.

Ease of use

Reliability, availability and software simplicity ensures higher user uptake, zero frustration and improved collaboration with other users.

Integrating your phone system with other collaboration tools

Business phone systems - Man using his phone and laptop to communicate and collaborate

Unified communications

The phone will always play a key role in an organisation’s communication strategy, but with so many other means to collaborate now available, organisations need to find a way to make modern communication channels manageable, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Prodec’s unified communications platforms integrate your telephony solution with channels such as video and instant messaging to make communication a breeze.

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Call recording

If you need to improve your user call training, want to refer back to previous calls, or need to enhance your customer service, call recording can help. This solution enables organisations to improve call compliance and make a record of previous interactions with customers, ensuring information isn’t lost and can be referred to when it matters most.

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Business phone systems - contact centre employee supporting a customer

Customer contact centre

Delivering a fantastic customer experience should be a top priority for all organisations. Prodec Networks' contact centre solutions allow organisations to transform dated, voice-only call centres into modern, multi-channel customer experience centres to suit the way customers communicate in the digital age. 

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