Customer contact centres

Purpose-built contact centre solutions designed to help you deliver an outstanding service and strengthen customer relationships.

Customer contact centres

Enhance your business with a modern contact centre

In today's digital age, the definition of customer experience has changed. The modern customer's expectations are higher than they have ever been and consumers are no longer content with restricted time frames in which they can contact you. Instead, they expect to be connectable to you any time, day or night, on the channels they prefer to use, and to receive instant answers through seamless digital interactions. 

Prodec’s contact centre tools are designed to ensure every inbound and outbound interaction your agents has is as simple and effective as it can be, regardless of whether customers want to get in touch via phone, email, chat or even social media. Built-in applications make managing customer interactions quick and easy to ensure customer service is always a top priority.

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How are you managing customer expectations?

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Let your customers choose how you connect

Ensure you provide your customers with an effortless experience by allowing them to communicate with your business in a way that suits them. A contact centre solution from Prodec Networks will allow customers to interact with you through voice, email, chat and social media. Communication channels are streamlined and made simple to ensure customers have every opportunity to talk to you when they need to. 


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Scale and be agile

Business moves fast, so the tools you use should be just as agile. A cloud-based contact centre solution from Prodec Networks allows you to scale with ease, anytime, anywhere. Prodec Networks solutions ensure the very latest features and functionality are always available to your employees to help them deliver an outstanding service.

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Reduce costs and be more efficient

Prodec's on-site and cloud-based contact centre solutions are designed to help you lower operational costs and boost the efficiency of your teams. A cloud-based solution provides the added advantage of being fully managed by Prodec Networks, meaning updates are automatic and you no longer have the overhead of servers, additional software and on-site management. 

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Contact centre features and benefits:

Varied interactions

Communicate with customers in a way that suits them, be it email, voice, chat, SMS or video.

Prioritised skill routeing

Calls route directly to the most appropriate agent without the need to redirect or transfer after contact has been made.

CRM integration

Simple integration with CRM systems and enterprise management tools for referencing interactions and improving customer communication.

Call recording

Supervisors can track the performance of agents over a period of time and review past calls for compliance purposes.

Real-time actionable reporting

Clear dashboards and powerful export options allow for deep analysis of contact centre data.

Effortless administration

Manage users from all business units through the administration interface.

Prodec Networks partners with world-leading manufacturers of contact centre solutions.

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