Huddle room solutions

Custom-built collaboration platforms designed for huddle rooms, small meeting spaces and video conferencing rooms.

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Huddle room solutions

Small spaces, massive impact.

Huddle rooms are fast gaining popularity as a way to conduct informal or small-scale meetings via video or voice. Cheaper than meeting rooms to set up and manage, huddle rooms are an excellent way to increase the amount of meeting spaces available to an organisation without needing to invest in the creation and upkeep of larger, more formal meeting spaces.

Prodec Network’s huddle rooms integrate the best collaboration and communication tools with your preferred platforms, whether that be Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams, or otherwise. This ensures that the applications your organisation likes to use can be accessed from a huddle room in the same way as they would from a desk or portable device.

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How can huddle rooms save your business money?

Jon Sugden, Head of AV & Collaboration at Prodec Networks, explains how the introduction of huddle rooms could provide your business with excellent ROI and save you money in this 50 second overview video.

Choosing the right technology for your huddle room

Prodec Networks has created a quick guide to help you choose the best technology for your huddle spaces.

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Bespoke huddle rooms built to your business needs

If you're looking to create the perfect Huddle Room but don't know where to start, maybe one of Prodec's bundles is for you.

Prodec's team of AV and Collaboration experts have carefully selected and combined some of the best technologies available to provide you with a choice of three complete, simple to use, huddle room systems that are perfectly designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Each of these bundles can be easily tailored to suit the exact requirements of your organisation. Prodec Networks provides a wide range of technologies suited to all meeting spaces and will work closely with you to ensure you receive the optimum solution for your needs.

Webex huddle rooms

Teams need the right tools and the right size meeting spaces to get work done. Get all the intelligence of Cisco's larger video devices in your small spaces to have one consistent, simple experience from the huddle space and beyond.

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StarLeaf huddle rooms

Smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces are a crucial part of how teams collaborate; stepping away from an often open-plan office environment to somewhere they can discuss, debate, share ideas, and review presentations.

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Let's discuss your huddle room requirements

Prodec Networks will work with you to understand your requirements and suggest the best bundle from the above Huddle Room options or create a bespoke package specifically to address your needs.

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