Custom-built collaboration platforms designed for huddle rooms, small meeting spaces and video conferencing rooms.

Huddle rooms are fast gaining popularity as a way to conduct informal or small-scale meetings either locally or with external participants via video or voice. Cheaper than meeting rooms to set up and manage, huddle rooms are an excellent way to increase the amount of meeting spaces available to an organisation without needing to invest in larger or more formal spaces.

Prodec's dedicated team of collaboration specialists design and install huddle room collaboration solutions that are built to best suit the organisation's preferred collaboration tools and means of communication. Further considerations include room dimensions, the project's budget, and the meeting requirements of each individual organisation.

By combining digital displays with conference tools and audio visual equipment, your huddle rooms can become multi-purpose collaboration zones that produce engaging, productive meetings with both local and remote recipients. Capable of much more than just a conference call, these Huddle spaces are an excellent way to transform smaller meeting rooms or common areas into modern data, voice and video collaboration rooms.

There are also a number of available addons to Prodec's huddle room packages including wireless presenting tools, room booking systems, and meeting room technical support to further enhance the productivity and efficiency that your huddle rooms are capable of.

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