Simple-to-use smart displays built for true collaboration

Your interactive displays act as the beating heart of your business's meeting rooms. Whether you're looking to present to a group, collaborate as a team, video conference or simply share screens, for the best results you'll be utilising this type of technology. 

Selecting an appropriate interactive board for your business can be a challenge. Prodec Networks can assist you throughout the process of selecting and installing the best interactive panel for your meeting room, and will explore a number of factors that impact your choice of board.

Factors for selecting an appropriate interactive display include:

  • Business collaboration goals
  • Expected use
  • Complexity of activities required (e.g. advanced graphics work or basic annotation)
  • Size of room
  • Budget
  • Sector (e.g. we take a completely different approach for education)
  • Network capacity
  • Additional IT hardware in the room (e.g. video conferencing, wireless, room systems)

Preferred Interactive Displays

For businesses, Prodec Networks always recommends an in-glass touch screen over infra-red touch. In-glass touch panels are highly responsive and accurate devices that allow for easy annotation, prompting and presenting.

Prodec's preferred interactive display providers are as follows:


The SMART Board Pro series is perfect for businesses that are serious about collaboration. These advanced interactive displays allow for simple yet effective collaboration between colleagues and partners, regardless of location. All boards come with SMART Meeting Pro and SMART ink software already installed, so getting started is quick and easy. Gone are the days of difficult-to-use meeting room hardware.

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Avocor is perfect for organisations whose collaboration needs aren't necessarily as complex. These powerful displays integrate effectively with unified communications platforms and allow for seamless collaboration environments in huddle, meeting and board rooms.

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Microsoft Surface Hub

This high-end multi-touch screen solution is built to culture innovation within the workplace. With full Skype-for-business integration and access to a variety of business applications and software, this leading edge whiteboard reduces the length of meetings, can help to improve sales, and integrates with the rest of your Microsoft estate to create seamless collaboration experiences.

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Cisco Webex Board

Cisco Webex Board, formerly Cisco Spark creates a seamless collaboration and communications experience by combining all of your business communications tools and making them accessible from one-touch interface. The Cisco Webex Board provides everything that a team could possibly need for a meeting, ensuring your time allocated to group work is productive and well-spent.

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Do you have an interactive display requirement but aren't sure which is best for you?

Prodec Networks offers businesses much more than just collaboration hardware provision. By taking a consultative approach, Prodec will ensure you select the best interactive panel for your business, can help you to configure and set up your new screen, and ensure your network is set up appropriately to ensure reliability and success.

To find out more about how Prodec Networks can assist you with any interactive panel projects you may have, simply get in touch using the contact information below.

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