Cut travel costs and increase engagement with a remote training solution

By ensuring distance doesn't create learning restrictions, a remote training session can be just as successful as a session conducted in front of a live audience. Implementing the appropriate collaboration tools and systems into your training spaces can create an engaging and cost-effective training environment, regardless of the location of your recipients.

Prodec Networks can combine a number of powerful remote training technologies to create a bespoke solution perfect for your business.

Remote training technologies include:

Video collaboration

Video is a highly-engaging learning medium and is extremely effective for building long-distance face-to-face relationships in real time. Prodec's range of video tools are designed to be easy to use by everybody, regardless of the device being used and the location accessed from. Prodec's video collaboration technologies can also be used to present non-digital information, such as physical skills, engineering or hardware training.

Data collaboration

Providing your virtual trainers with data collaboration tools allows for documents, presentations and spreadsheets to be explained and annotated. In addition, this solution allows trainees to collaborate alongside the trainer, encouraging interactive sessions that result in better learning outcomes.

Interactive displays

Prodec's range of interactive displays are recommended to you based on the type of training you intend to deliver. Learn more about Prodec's interactive displays here.

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The Modern Meeting Room

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