UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service

Whatever the size of your business, communication is key, and in the new era of work, you need the right tools to enable your people to keep connected wherever they are – in the office, at home, or on the go. In a constantly evolving workplace, flexibility is everything for a successful communications strategy, while simplicity and security are also essential. So, what is the solution? Well, the answer lies in the cloud, with unified communications as a service (or UCaaS).

What is UCaaS?

First of all, let’s look at what UCaaS actually is. As with much terminology, it often evades definition, so we’ll start with a simple, jargon-busting explanation. As the name suggests, at its most basic level, UCaaS involves the supply of a set of integrated communication tools, including voice, video and messaging, by a service provider. The cloud-based infrastructure required to deliver the service is owned, operated and maintained by the provider, which means businesses do not have to invest in their own infrastructure.

This makes implementation cost-effective, quick and easy. In addition, as ongoing maintenance, upgrades and security are also supplied by the provider, organisations can minimise their internal IT support costs, while being assured that they will always receive the latest features and cyber security protection.

Prodec's UCaaS Partners

Prodec Networks partners with the worlds leading providers of UCaaS solutions to offer customers the very best choices to meet all their communication needs — now and in the future. These technology partners include:

Why switch to UCaaS now?

Work from anywhere, anytime on any device

There has never been a better time to switch to a UCaaS solution than now. The whole landscape of the business world is rapidly evolving, with widespread remote working, and whatever the future holds, the long term looks likely to involve a more mobile, agile workforce. So, whether your workers will be based in an office, at home, or at a hybrid combination of both, you will need a straightforward, flexible communication solution that doesn’t dictate your choices. This is where UCaaS comes in, as moving your communication system to the cloud gives you all the flexibility you need to enable your employees to work from anywhere, on any connected device, at any time.

Comprehensive security for peace of mind

Understandably, security and privacy are top of mind for all organisations, and that’s why they’re a priority for Prodec too. With the move to more homeworking, concerns have grown over the rise in cyber threats and the increased security risks remote working can bring. For these reasons, Prodec only offers carefully selected UCaaS solutions from trusted manufacturers to ensure the highest levels of data protection, privacy and security can be achieved. 

ISDN switch off

The timing is also right to change to a cloud-based business telephony system, as part of a UCaaS solution, if you are still using integrated services digital network (ISDN) or public switched telephone network (PSTN) technology. With BT due to phase these services out by 2025, it will be essential to migrate to an Internet-based system (or voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system) shortly, and a simple, uncomplicated way to do this is with UCaaS.

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What are the benefits of UCaaS?

Although many of the advantages are outlined above, for clarity’s sake, let’s briefly summarise some of the key benefits of UCaaS from Prodec, here:


Buying and installing a new communications system can be expensive, but UCaaS eliminates the need for this up-front investment as the entire infrastructure for your communications solution is in the cloud. 

UCaaS also enables you to move your organisation’s communication costs from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx), making it much easier to budget more accurately and control costs.

In addition, cost savings can also be made by consolidating all your communication services into one cloud-based solution, and as you only pay for what you need, short- and long-term costs can be reduced.


Cyber security is of paramount importance to businesses, especially in this new era of remote working, with heightened cyber threat concerns. A UCaaS solution from Prodec enables you to operate with complete peace of mind, as cyber security is a major priority, with stringent processes in place to ensure a high level of protection.


With workers increasingly more geographically dispersed, putting a rising reliance on communication technology for business success, it is vital that the communication system you choose is constantly available and completely reliable. You cannot afford for your communication channels to go down if you want to stay in touch with customers, keep sales up and collaborate efficiently with colleagues. Prodec is therefore proud to provide a range of services you can depend on. With all maintenance and upgrades managed for you, and technical support available whenever required, you can confidently enable your employees to excel and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


As a UCaaS solution from Prodec offers seamless communication across multiple channels, it can help to significantly boost efficiency in your business. With all communication channels combined in one platform, users no longer have to switch back and forth between communication methods, which can help save time and improve productivity. In addition, as your IT team won’t need to worry about maintaining and upgrading your communications technology, they can concentrate their efforts productively on projects that could take your business to the next level.


One of the most appealing benefits of UCaaS to businesses in the quickly evolving modern working world, is the flexibility it offers. With an increasing need for workers to stay connected wherever they’re based – in the office, at home or on the go – Prodec’s UCaaS provides the facility for users to communicate, collaborate and share information, on any connected device, from anywhere. As a cloud-based communications service, Prodec’s UCaaS is also scalable. It allows you to quickly and cost-effectively add or remove users whenever required, which enables you to expand or reduce your company’s communication capacity as needed.

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