Video conferencing

Flexible and simple-to-use video collaboration tools designed to work seamlessly with your platform of choice

Discover how to extend Skype-for-Business from the desk to the meeting room

Video conferencing

Video conferencing platforms available from wherever you are

There’s no need to implement different video solutions for your desk, meeting rooms and mobile devices. Extra applications and tools add unnecessary complications and interoperability issues, not to mention increased costs. Prodec creates video conferencing infrastructures that are as simple to operate as possible, allowing businesses to use the video applications they want, whenever they want, on any compatible device, and from any location.

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Video Conferencing for your modern workforce:

Video Conferencing | Cisco spark being used in a meeting room to video conference

High-definition video conferencing equipment

Prodec partners with a range of video conferencing equipment manufacturers to provide organisations with high-definition visuals that allow for “face-to-face” meetings without the need to travel. Prodec will work with you to advise, supply and install the most suitable and budget-friendly options for meeting rooms and desks. Video conferencing technology partners include StarLeaf, Huddly, Cisco, Microsoft and Polycom.

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Video Conferencing | StaLeaf application being used across multiple devices

Skype-for-Business communications platforms

If you’re having difficulty getting existing meeting room equipment to work with Skype-for-Business, or if you’re on the hunt for new meeting room equipment to work with Skype, Prodec can help. Prodec works with collaboration leader StarLeaf to extend Skype capabilities further than the desk. TeamLine by StarLeaf allows businesses to conduct Skype video conversations from meeting rooms, no matter which standards-based video hardware is being utilised.

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Video Conferencing | Businessman using multiple communication devices

Integration with wider unified communications tools

Video collaboration can be more effective when it’s utilised alongside other communications streams such as instant messaging, voice and data sharing. If you're looking to streamline and refine your communications strategy Prodec Networks can assist by implementing video conferencing as part of a wider infrastructure.

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At a glance: video conferencing features and benefits

Platform first

Prodec’s video conferencing technologies work seamlessly with your preferred collaboration apps from any device.

Money saving, money making

Video reduces company travel costs and increases “face-to-face” availability, allowing for greater productivity.

High definition video and audio

All of Prodec’s video collaboration tools create high quality, HD video experiences no matter the location.

Video at any time, from anywhere

Support rapid communication between the desk, meeting room, home office and beyond.

Productivity powerhouses

Meeting room technologies combine to enable collaboration across your entire organisation.

Video at a snap of the finger

Prodec can help increase user uptake by making your video conferencing quick to set up and simple to use.

Partner showcase:

Video Conferencing | StarLeaf application being used across multiple devices

StarLeaf premier partner

StarLeaf offers a range of cloud-based video conferencing services that create real value for your business. Whether it’s one-on-one video calls, small online meetings, large web conferences, or chats between teams; StarLeaf’s solutions are designed to enhance productivity. The services are designed to provide seamless collaboration by connecting your preferred video applications to your video hardware.

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Leading video conferencing partners include

How does your modern workforce communicate?

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