Universally simple wireless presenting systems for meeting rooms

Wireless meeting room presentation systems are simple yet highly effective tools for making presenting and screen-sharing simple and accessible for all meeting room participants. These wireless systems greatly improve meeting productivity and collaboration capabilities by reducing start-up time and removing hardware or training limitations associated with wired systems. 

With a number of wireless meeting room presentation tools available on the market, you can now connect your laptops and tablets to your meeting room displays efficiently, and don't have to worry if you or your guests have the correct port or cable.

Prodec Networks offers a range of wireless presenting systems, including:

Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare allows any PC or Mac to connect to your screen through a USB device that provides users with the ability to display their content on-screen with the push of a button. There's no software or training required to use this simple yet effective technology, and because screen share is instantaneous, there's no time lost submitting login details or passing over presentation rights. In addition, there are free apps available for Android and iOS that allow tablets and Smart Phones to share content wirelessly too.

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Solstice Pod

Solstice Pod removes any technical limitations commonly associated with meeting room presentation capabilities. By connecting to a universally-simple application that's the same on all devices, presenters can quickly connect to the room's interactive display. This technology improves meeting start-up times and increases participant engagement simply because it's so easy to use.

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