Backup with the scalability, flexibility and security of Prodec Cloud

Prodec Cloud Backup is an affordable, secure and scalable cloud backup solution that allows your organisation to easily protect devices and data regardless of their location. Your data will be backed up by Prodec’s secure and resilient UK-based datacentre infrastructure, so your business can rest assured that in the case of data loss, you can restore efficiently and without pain.

The Prodec Cloud Backup solution leverages the power and control of Acronis, one of the world’s leading providers of backup technologies. Acronis’ AnyData Engine is integrated with Prodec’s Private Cloud Platform, and secured behind an enterprise-grade next-generation firewall. This model ensures that your backup data adheres to UK data sovereignty rulings, is secure from malicious attacks, and always available even in the unlikely loss of an entire datacentre.

Key features and benefits of Prodec Cloud Backup include:

  • Protection of any data, across any environment, in any location.
  • Software agents and support included as standard
  • Consumption-based pricing model that avoids upfront costs and allows for easy financial planning.
  • Full disk and virtual machine imaging allows for swift backup and recovery of physical and virtual servers but also to laptops, PCs and even mobile phones.
  • Granular recovery allows for backup at object, file, application or system level.

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Prodec partners with Acronis

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