Bespoke cloud replication, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and business continuity.

Essential resilience for when incidents would otherwise threaten to disrupt business activities or result in critical data loss. 

Prodec's hosted IT Disaster Recovery (DR) service is ideal for companies looking for a way to improve infrastructure redundancy and recover data in the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe such as a cyber attack or physical damage to an onsite datacentre.

Prodec Networks offers a Cloud DR service that replicates data off a customer site and into virtual machines within Prodec's three UK-only datacentres. This ensures you're provided with the most reliable backup and restoration strategies that suit and protect your business from everyday threats like Ransomware.

Low impact rapid restoration, with minimal loss of data

RPO: Prodec's real-time DR service allows for a Recovery Point Objective of as little as five minutes to be met (dependant on bandwidth). This results in minimal data loss in instances such as cyber attacks or system failure.

RTO: Following an instance of data loss or systems inaccessibility, Prodec's hosted DR service can restore an entire business environment in as little as one hour, minimising any downtime.

Understanding RPO and RTO

What's the difference between RPO and RTO, and why are these terms so important when selecting a recovery solution?

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Benefits of Prodec's Cloud Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Near real-time replication of your existing systems into the cloud, giving maximum protection at low investment.
  • Consumption-based model with no additional charges in the event of recovery.
  • Restoration of business systems on virtual servers in the Prodec cloud ensures any loss of operation, while any financial impact of an incident is minimised or even negligible. 
  • Quarterly or annual DR tests conducted to prove and guarantee complete data sets, and business information remains secure.

Prodec Networks provides IT disaster recovery as part of its extensive hosted services portfolio. To find out more about Prodec's DR service and how it can protect your business, get in touch with a specialist today.

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