Full-text data search engine platform built to comply with the GDPR

Following the launch of the GDPR directive in May 2018, businesses need to be able to comply with individual requests to access or delete all data associated with that individual owned by an organisation. It’s critical that businesses have the appropriate tools and processes in place in order to comply with this aspect of the GDPR.

Learn more about the GDPR’s right of access and right to erasure on the ICO website here.

In order to be able to comply with requests for information of this nature, organisations need to be able to successfully search their entire primary and backup databases, compile the data, and then return the results.

In line with these data compliance requirements, Prodec Networks has developed a data management platform that consolidates your business data onto one hosted platform and provides a search overlay that allows you to comply with data requests similar to those outlined by the GDPR.

Introducing ProCirrus Search

ProCirrus Search allows organisations to crawl their databases to identify every record that matches the parameters of the search request. ProCirrus Search parses a wide range of file types, including:

  • Office documents,
  • PDFs,
  • Email
  • Web pages
  • Image metadata
  • Audio metadata

ProCirrus Search operates from Prodec Networks’ GDPR-compliant UK-only datacentres. As part of the ProCirrus Search service, your data will also benefit from high-quality enterprise-grade firewalls and physical security located onsite, as well as automatic failover to a second datacentre in the rare instance of datacentre failure.

To find out more about ProCirrus Search, download the datasheet by clicking on the banner below.

ProCirrus Data Search

Learn more about ProCirrus Data Search and how it can help you comply with GDPR.

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