Prodec’s UK-only Datacentres are secure, reliable and cost effective.

Prodec’s Datacentre services include:

Managed Hosting

Prodec can provide a fully managed infrastructure solution, including hosted servers and hosted desktops, SAN devices and firewalls. This is delivered by an expert on-site support team of directly employed UK Prodec engineers who will manage and monitor your servers around the clock.

Disaster Recovery

Your servers will be backed up regularly so that in the rare event of a server outage, your data will be secure and recoverable in an efficient manner.

Hosted Data Storage

Host your storage in the cloud and dramatically simplify backup and recovery without any downtime, improving reliability whilst reducing costs.

Data D-Day: Your guide to surviving the GDPR

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Prodec Networks operates from three datacentre facilities, including one green datacentre, in different locations across the UK. This enables Prodec to provide a secure hosting environment to businesses of all sizes who are searching for reliability, assurance and greater peace of mind in their hosted solutions. In addition to this, by moving to the cloud, ongoing costs are much more predictable and sustainable, hardware replacements are a thing of the past, and deployment takes minutes rather than months.

Prodec Networks operates from state-of-the-art facilities with the latest security, power and cooling technology. This ensures stable conditions and uptime around the clock due to continuous power from dual feeds, resilient generators and UPS systems, redundant cooling infrastructure and fire suppression and protection.

Prodec’s datacentre facilities provide:

  • 99.99% uptime
  • Multi-level security
  • Resilient connectivity
  • 24/7 management, monitoring and maintenance of critical building services and equipment
  • Diverse and durable power / cooling systems
  • Comprehensive fire detection and suppression systems

Choosing a new cloud provider

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