Advanced malware protection

Continuous monitoring of malicious behavior to detect and remove malware

Advanced malware protection

Stop sophisticated malware and cyber threats to prevent breaches and data loss

The cybersecurity challenge is a never-ending one. New malware is being created on a daily basis and cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to deliver an attack. 

Prodec Networks offers advanced malware prevention capabilities across the network, endpoint, and cloud, to stop attacks before they can succeed.

Prodec Network partners with leading manufacturers in security technology such as Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto, to offer effective malware prevention that delivers consistent protection across all deployment scenarios. These solutions feature advanced sandboxing, blocking, real-time malware detection, and a continuous threat analysis that ensures protection against zero-day malware.  

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Threat prevention from leading security partners

Advanced Malware Protection - an employee uses a computer

Cisco AMP

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) addresses the full life-cycle of the challenge across your network, endpoints, email and web traffic. It not only prevents breaches but also gives you the visibility, context, and control to rapidly detect, contain, and fix threats.

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Advanced Malware Protection - An employee uses a laptop

Fortinet ATP

Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) forms an integral part of Fortinet's advanced security fabric. It provides integrated detection of advanced threats across your network, email, web applications, and endpoints, to provide automated response and mitigation.

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The impact of a cyber-attack can be catastrophic to your operations and reputation. Prodec offers a free security review to reveal all potential areas that are vulnerable and at risk from an attack. You will then receive details on how you can protect your business from known and unknown threats to your business.

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