Endpoint and Remote User Security

Proactive endpoint security solutions which enable you to mitigate risk, save time, and focus on growing your business.

Endpoint security

Nearly every attack relies on endpoint compromise

Advanced attacks can take just minutes—if not seconds—to compromise endpoints. The continued growth of advanced attacks and ransomware, along with the lack of shared intelligence among disparate security products, results in a slower, less effective endpoint threat detection, response, and endpoint security. 

To protect endpoints at the network edge, Prodec partners with leading security vendors, such as Fortinet, to deliver Endpoint Visibility and Protection that enables security teams to see, control, and protect all devices across the enterprise. 

By partnering with the most trusted endpoint security vendors, Prodec can offer solutions that deliver advanced, real-time threat intelligence, visibility, analysis, management, and protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection. These solutions proactively reduce the attack surface, prevent malware infection, detect and defuse potential threats in real-time, and can automate response and remediation procedures. They also help organisations to identify and stop breaches in real-time, automatically and efficiently, without overwhelming security teams with false alarms or disrupting business operations. 

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Prodec offers a range of endpoint protection solutions powered by leading security vendors including:

Features and benefits of endpoint security include:

Easy to utilise

Cloud managed options and simple-to-use Graphic User Interfaces make implementing and managing your endpoint security simple and effective.


Identify, contain and prevent attacks immediately with automation and machine learning.

Online and offline protection

Endpoint devices remain protected whether or not they're connected to the network or even the internet.

Identify unknown threats

High visibility and analysis of network activity helps to uncover malicious behaviour and stop threats before they become a problem.

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