Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

What is FWaaS?

Firewall as a Service

Protect your enterprise from advanced cyberthreats with firewall as a service (FWaaS) from Prodec Networks

Ensuring that your business is protected from online threats is essential, especially at a time when your workforce may be more widely dispersed than ever before, increasing the need for strong cybersecurity. Prodec Networks’ FWaaS therefore provides a straightforward, reliable, fully managed solution that will secure your organisation’s network perimeter and give you complete peace of mind.

Using Fortinet’s Fortigate next-generation firewall security and unified threat management (UTM) platform, Prodec’s FWaaS offers industry-leading threat protection, backed up by our own, UK-based, enterprise-grade network and outstanding technical support services.

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Why do you need a firewall?

A firewall is vital in today’s cyberthreat environment, as it offers the most effective way of securing the perimeter of your business network, providing robust protection. All network traffic passing through the firewall is analysed and checked against complex parameters, to identify any cybersecurity risks, which could seriously damage your business, such as viruses and ransomware attacks.

FWaaS is a firewall solution delivered as a cloud-based service that provides hyperscale, next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities that include web filtering, advanced threat protection (ATP), an intrusion prevention system (IPS) and more. In many ways, FWaaS is much like a hardware firewall that you would have on-site. However, it comes with distinct advantages, such as the flexibility to be scaled up or down, almost instantaneously, if needed. 

Why do you need UTM?

Prodec’s FWaaS solution includes Fortinet’s Fortigate UTM technology, which supplies multiple layers of protection in a single platform. The service therefore provides a traditional firewall platform, delivering network-level security and deep-packet inspection, and includes anti-spam, anti-virus, application control and web content filtering. This ensures that your business is not only protected from inbound cyberthreats, but also makes sure that your users are using the Internet safely and not inadvertently importing threats into your network.

Features & benefits of Prodec’s FWaaS

Great value

Prodec’s cloud firewall service provides an around-the-clock solution that offers highly advanced functionality. By choosing this ‘as a service’ option, you get the very best performance at a fraction of the price you would pay for investing in an equivalent on-site solution, as well as high-quality technical support, whenever required.

Maximum reliability

Prodec operates from three, state-of-the-art, UK-based, ISO-certified data centres (including one green facility). All FWaaS solutions are deployed in geo-diverse designs, between two of Prodec’s data centres, for maximum reliability, and each data centre has 10Gb of Internet transit, with routes either to the UK backbone, or through Ireland to the US.

High-level protection

With Fortinet’s Fortigate NGFW technology, Prodec’s FWaaS solution includes anti-malware, application control, email filtering, intrusion prevention and web filtering features, ensuring your network receives a very high level of protection at all times.

24/7/365 support

Prodec is passionate about providing excellent customer service and support. If you choose Prodec’s FWaaS, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager, to ensure you get the very best service, and gain access to Prodec's UK-based, ITIL-trained, support team, available 24/7/365.

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