Simulated phishing and security training

How "click clever" are your employees? Put them to the test and find out.

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Simulated phishing

It’s time to put your employees to the test with simulated phishing and security training

Prodec’s phishing tests and security training solutions allow you to engage with your employees and go through email training protocols to help protect your business from malicious email files.

Security awareness training shouldn’t be a one-off thing and everybody in the business should be involved, regardless of seniority. As the final line of defence within your security infrastructure, your workforce need to be able to identify and avoid potential malicious emails. Email security training should be to be an integrated and easy to follow process, Prodec’s solution allows you to create campaigns that follow a constant cycle of “phish”, “analysis” and “train”.

Put your entire workforce to the test

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Create a cycle of phishing, analysis, training

Simulated phishing - Employees reviewing phishing simulation email


Prodec's security awareness applications allow you to select a pre-created phishing email from a list of varying difficulties. You can also generate a bespoke and customised spear-phishing attack that you can send to specific groups within your business. In addition to being able to create emails, you can also access a number of predefined fake landing pages, many of which emulate existing portal logins such as Office 365 and Salesforce.

Simulated phishing - An example of the phishing analytics tools


Once your simulated attack has been broadcast, you'll gain access to real-time results that will allow you to identify which of your employees are phish-prone. Over time, you can compare your phishing simulations by using clear analytics and visuals, and observe as your employees become more click-clever.

Simulated phishing - Employees taking part in phishing simulation training


It’s important that individuals who have clicked on a link in one of your simulated phishing attacks are not shamed within the organisation. Instead, the software places phish-prone individuals on security training courses to allow the employee to improve their awareness of phishing emails. Admins can view the progress of employees enrolled in training courses and can follow up with additional simulated phishing emails in the future, effectively restarting the cycle.

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