Improve employee flexibility and capability with Prodec's mobile working solutions.

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile, and needs to be work-ready no matter the location. This is only possible with the support of mobile device management technologies that allow your employees to connect to your network from home, on the move, or across office sites. 

Prodec's mobile working solutions will provide your employees with secure access to company systems whilst out of the office, enabling you to monitor and communicate with your workers, vehicles and assets no matter where they are. These mobile working solutions are designed specifically to increase the effectiveness of your staff and overall business efficiency, whilst also speeding up sales cycles and enhancing the service you can provide to your customers.

Benefits to implementing a Prodec mobile working strategy across your business include:

  • Productivity gains - more productive employees through improved collaboration, remote and flexible working conditions
  • Cost reduction – IT costs can be optimised through the centralisation of administration and reduced hardware costs, when introduced alongside a BYOD strategy
  • Happier employees – improved work/life balance through mobile working can improve motivation and loyalty
  • Office anywhere model - employees are not tied to a physical location, and can be contacted anywhere, any time
  • Reduced operational costs – using a mobile phone as if it were a desk phone will not cut into mobile minutes

Collaboration is the key to business success; the ability to keep in touch wherever you're based and on whichever device or network you choose is now a must have, and not just a competitive advantage.

Mobile working solutions from Prodec Networks include:

Mobile Working

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