Leave your employees to their own devices by supporting a BYOD policy

Bring your own device, commonly known as BYOD, is a workforce initiative that allows employees to access company data through the use of personal devices in the workplace. Accessible company resources include critical applications such as emails, file servers and databases, but also means personal non-work related applications are connecting to business networks.

BYOD policies are increasing in popularity as many organisations want to support BYOD initiatives to allow end-users to use personally-owned devices at work. In order to make the most of bring your own device, there are many accompanying technologies required that need to be addressed during implementation, if it is to be successfully and securely deployed.

Prodec can support your BYOD implementation or optimisation strategy in the following areas:

Network Security

Offering a BYOD service with an unsecure connection can often lead to security breaches. It's therefore a key priority that security systems are put in place to ensure safety. Prodec offers a variety of security solutions and mobile device management initiatives to make certain that connections are secure, data is protected, and infections are blocked at access level.

Network Services

BYOD doesn't just refer to devices used in the office. Connecting to the business network remotely on personal devices can help with flexibility and efficiency, and can also mean reduced costs for business and employee alike. Prodec provides a number of connectivity, hosting and virtualisation services, to make the most of your network and make it accessible wherever there's an internet connection.


Employee devices brought into the office need to be able to connect to the wireless network. Ensuring the network has capacity for an increase in laptops and mobiles on top of existing infrastructure is key. Prodec can audit your current business wireless LAN and help optimise for increased traffic from a bring your own device scheme.


Prodec can also help you by supplying hardware for portable use. While not technically "BYOD", providing portable hardware such as laptops and mobiles to your employees is a viable alternative to allowing them to use their own personal devices in the workplace.

Network Support

As well as being able to provide networking solutions to help with your BYOD implementation, Prodec also offers a number of support contracts in order to ensure your network remains up at all times.

To address your BYOD requirements head on, get in touch with Prodec Networks today for consultative advice and quotes by using the contact information below.

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