Improve employee productivity with a flexible working solution from Prodec Networks.

Prodec Networks’ flexible working solutions will help your business streamline its operations to make costs more efficient, whilst increasing productivity through an engaged and happy workforce who can work to full capacity from anywhere, at any time.

The core elements of flexible working consist of collaboration technologies and internet connectivity. These enable work practices such as telecommuting, remote working and flexitime. Prodec’s technology infrastructure gives employees the flexibility to decide how, when and where they work, which in turn can help your business reduce costs, increase workforce efficiency and improve top talent retention rates.

Whether you are an SMB or enterprise, you can be more productive and successful by making the most of your communications.

Prodec Networks provides the following key technologies which can facilitate your business to manage flexible working:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

By hosting your desktop OS on a virtual machine on the Prodec cloud, your staff can access their work computer from any internet-connected device in the world. Your applications, data and programs are all stored securely in the cloud so that your employees can work away from desk.

Business Phone Systems

IP-based telephony solutions can help deliver many business benefits including costs savings, productivity gains, improved flexibility and increased business agility. Prodec Networks connects businesses across the globe with business phone systems from leading manufacturers including Mitel, Cisco and Avaya.

Video Conferencing

Today’s video conferencing technology allows you to visually communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, from any device. Break down the barriers of distance and time and reduce sales related costs with a video conferencing solution from Prodec Networks.

Choosing a new cloud provider

Not sure where to start? Read our guide to picking a new hosted provider here.


Mobile Working

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