Providing the flexibility to change or upgrade hardware before the end of its natural lifecycle.

Renting or leasing IT equipment has a number of benefits including cost savings, hardware that always stays up to date, and no expensive hardware refresh cycles. 

Prodec Networks offers a comprehensive range of hardware for short term or long term rental, and provides a variety of temporary hardware to suit all business needs, including:

  • Servers and storage
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Phone systems
  • Portable internet connectivity

Prodec Networks has observed an increase in demand for rented or leased technology, with many businesses recognising it to be a more affordable option. Renting or leasing IT equipment allows you to adopt new technology without the cost of buying it outright.

Rental equipment can solve immediate requirements and help keep IT projects on budget and on time, or provide a temporary solution until adequate capital is available for a permanent purchase. Whether it’s rental for a temporary site or for a long term Op-ex solution, Prodec Networks can help provide the correct solution for your requirement.

What are the benefits of IT Rental?

  • Significant savings: Long term OpEx costs as opposed to high upfront CapEx
  • Low and flexible payment plans:  Prodec provides various purchase options to best suit your requirements
  • Avoid technical obsolescence: Prevent outdated IT equipment from holding your business back, whilst also getting a lower total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the solution
  • Conserve working capital: Make money from your old equipment, conserving your cash for something else and helping you budget more efficiently

To find out more about your options with hardware rentals, get in touch with Prodec Networks directly by using the contact information below.

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