Protect your hosted data, applications and infrastructure with a cloud security solution from Prodec Networks.

When utilising the cloud, it’s important that the platform used remains efficient and reliable, but just as importantly, remains airtight when it comes to security. Whether you’re utilising a private, public or hybrid cloud model, your hosted data should be treated no differently than “physical” data. As such, Prodec’s cloud security solutions enable your network to cope with hosted environments just as effectively, in order to ensure your hosted data and applications remain private and confidential.

Prodec Networks partners with leading security vendors, including Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and SentinelOne in order to provide its customers with a range of effective cloud security solutions capable of keeping your business data safe.

Data D-Day: Your guide to surviving the GDPR

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Prodec's cloud security solutions allow for:

  • The understanding of activity-level usage within cloud-based applications and data
  • The detection of non-compliant behaviour and anomalies
  • Ensured compliant usage by governing access to applications and data based on context
  • Detection and securing of sensitive content moving to cloud applications with granular cloud policy enforcement
  • Support for SDN platforms and network virtualisation

Regardless of whether your cloud model is private, public or hybrid, Prodec Networks will help you address your key cloud security issues, so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.

Choosing a new cloud provider

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