Prodec Networks is one of the UK’s leading data security solutions providers.

Prodec provides its customers with secure data protection, classification and encryption solutions that prevent data leakage and loss of private information.

With over 100 collective years of experience working with and selling security solutions, Prodec Networks can provide your business with the expertise and technical know how to implement and manage your data security requirements.

Benefits of Prodec’s data security solutions include:

Improved Security

Prodec’s easy-to-use solutions improve your data security by reducing the number of insider threat incidents. In the event of a data breach, a comprehensive audit trail is delivered that uses real time analysis and data. This protection isn’t unique to desktops, but also extends to mobile devices, meaning your data is secure regardless of location or device.

Decreased Costs

Implementing a data security solution pre-emptively removes any danger of costs to your brand, and costs of recovery following a successful data breach. It also reduces the cost of user training and response to incidents, as this is no longer required to the extent it was before a Prodec data security solution was implemented.

Improved Compliance

Automating your data security policies by reducing training required and taking decisions out of the hands of users can also improve your data security. Forensics capabilities make tracking of data possible, and legacy files can be classified too, ensuring sensitive historical data doesn’t become a threat.

To find out more about Data Security solutions from Prodec Networks, simply get in touch with a specialist today by using the contact information below.

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