Protect against zero-day malware & ransomware with Prodec’s Endpoint Security solutions.

Zero-day malware is becoming increasingly more complex and diverse, meaning that a drastically different approach to endpoint protection is required than the traditional method of anti-virus (AV) solutions. As such, Prodec Networks has partnered with innovative security vendors such as SentinelOne and Symantec in order to protect businesses from malware that other AV solutions simply can’t keep up with.

Endpoint security solutions from Prodec Networks predict malicious behaviour through intelligent system-level monitoring, before a threat can be a problem. By reducing the vulnerability that exists in the gap between detection and response, Prodec’s solutions can quarantine endpoints and kill threats such as ransomware before they cause serious damage to your network. They are also capable of reversing attack-based modifications on infected endpoints back to previously secure states, stopping the spread at the source.

Features of Prodec’s Endpoint protection solutions include:

Malicious behaviour prediction

Through system level monitoring, Prodec’s endpoint security platforms can detect advanced malware and can even predict new threats based on intelligent machine learning. If a new threat never seen before is detected, the solution flags the malicious binary and renders other endpoints immune to the attack.

Swift containment and remediation

Recovering infected and manipulated files back to their original state is often the most expensive element of a network security recovery process. Prodec’s endpoint solutions can help avoid costly pay-outs by disconnecting infected endpoints from the network to prevent the spread. Additionally, any files affected by the attack can be restored to previously healthy states through a simple, swift process.

Detailed analysis of attacks

Prodec’s endpoint protection services are supported by detailed analytics and forensics so that you can see an attack, where it came from, the extent of its impact, and how quickly it was dealt with. This granular level of data allows users to learn from attacks and continue to tighten network security.

Intelligent endpoint security is the future of endpoint protection, machine learning and automation elements are required in order to protect from threats such as zero-day malware. To find out more about Prodec Networks’ endpoint protection solutions and how they can help protect your business from cybercrime, simply get in touch with an expert today. Alternatively, request a demo of SentinelOne's ransomware-crushing solution by clicking on the banner below.

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