Integrated security platforms that protect your network from advanced threats.

Prodec partners with the industry’s top three Next Generation Firewall vendors Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Cisco to ensure its customers can block cyberattacks effectively. Prodec’s NFGW solutions integrate with existing networks and security systems and add necessary protection against today’s modern threat environment, without affecting network performance.

Prodec Networks will suggest and implement the optimum NGFW solution for you, by looking at factors such as what you are trying to achieve, your current infrastructure, and your plans for future growth. Prodec can also help to consolidate your NGFW security if you’re currently using multiple separate solutions, in order to optimise and improve the efficiency and capabilities of your security.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific piece of hardware or software to bolster an existing security infrastructure, Prodec can assist with the supply, installation, configuration and ongoing support

Features of Prodec’s Next Generation Firewalls include:

Advanced intrusion protection

Powerful intrusion protection allows you to swiftly identify and stop threats before they become attacks by scanning the content of your network traffic. Proactive detection of malicious code before it enters your network prevents potential threats from ever becoming issues.

Real-time analytics

Access to effective and clear dashboards offers improved reporting capability, whilst real-time analytics allow you to view network activity as it happens.

Full Application visibility and control

Granular control and visibility of applications, users and devices allows you to enforce security policies that keep your network secure, while preventing staff morale being damaged or performance being affected.


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