Protect your online business presence from malicious attacks

Web security solutions from Prodec Networks protect your client-facing sites from malicious attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection (SQLi) and denial of service attacks. Prodec’s web security solutions help to ensure your online presence remains available to customers around the clock, whilst protecting your web servers from malicious payloads and other attacks.

By partnering with leading web security vendors such as Cloudflare, A10 and Cisco, Prodec‘s web application security solutions can seamlessly integrate into existing networks and offices so that the implementation is pain-free and ultimately a valuable addition to your existing security infrastructure.

Features of Prodec’s web security solutions include:

Advanced multi-layer DDoS protection

Prodec’s DDoS Security solutions protect against layer 3 (Network) and layer 4 (Transport) DDoS attacks from the moment the solutions are implemented. Additionally, Prodec can also help protect against more difficult layer 7 application attacks by monitoring and reacting according to fluctuations in your site’s traffic patterns.

Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Prodec’s web application firewalls prevent attacks from ever entering your network, and cover both desktop and mobile websites in addition to web applications. These easy to use services protect you from the likes of SQL injection, cross-site scripting, comment spam and application or CMS specific attacks. It’s also fully customisable, enabling you to integrate additional security rule sets.

Detailed reporting and integration with existing systems

By being able to integrate seamlessly with multiple vendor solutions and services, set up and management of Prodec’s web application security is simple and effective. Once installed, detailed threat reports and instantaneous logging allows security managers to observe, identify weaknesses or potential attack vectors, and secure further.

To find out more about Prodec Networks’ web security solutions and how they can help protect your network from outside threats, get in touch with an expert today by using the contact information below.

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