Network services

Stable and secure connectivity and network solutions that act as the foundation for your modern workforce.

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Network services

World-class data connectivity and networking services

At the core of any business lies its network. Just as important as electricity or water, you need to ensure your employees have stable, round-the-clock access to your network resources, applications and data.

Every service and solution that Prodec Networks provides boils down to the business network. Prodec ensures that whatever you’re trying to achieve with your access, communication, data and application solutions, they're backed up with powerful network solutions. This might mean you need to implement a new network switch, migrate to the cloud, revamp your wireless infrastructure, or improve your mobility capabilities.

No matter the technology, the end result is always the same: a resilient, stable network that your business can rely on.

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Business network services from Prodec Networks

Network Services - An engineer installing a network

Network installations

Prodec Networks specialises in the implementation and integration of business-grade IT networks. This includes the planning, provision and installation of a range of solutions such as network switches, routers, access points and cabling, all of which are often available as refurbished or as new.

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Network management

Do you need help managing your network? Prodec offers a range of managed services that help to ensure your network is running as it should. If you’re looking to keep the management of your network in-house, Prodec can work with you to select the most appropriate management tools for your business.

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Network security

Prodec partners with a range of leading network and security manufacturers such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet to provide the means to protect against infiltration. Prodec’s private VPLS network is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls, physical security tools, and cloud security tools, so you can rest assured your business data and applications are protected from internal and external threats.

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Features and benefits include:

Experienced network specialists

Prodec’s team of network consultants, engineers and support specialists are always available whether your looking to implement, improve or support your business network.

One end-to-end network partner

With Prodec, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers for your network project. Prodec will deliver the project from the design phase through to the final installation steps and can even offer ongoing support post-launch.

Strong vendor partnerships

Prodec Networks has been a Cisco partner for over 20 years and knows the Cisco portfolio through and through. If Cisco isn’t your preferred brand, Prodec also partners with many other network vendors including Mellanox, HPE Aruba and Fortinet.

New and refurbished hardware options available

Prodec is a certified Cisco Refresh supplier and can provide remanufactured Cisco equipment of a standard equal to new, but at a reduced cost. Contact Prodec directly to see how you can save money on your Cisco estate.

Are you looking to upgrade your wireless infrastructure or move to the cloud?

Network Services - Two employees enjoy the wireless network

Upgrade your wireless network

Is your wireless network in need of a refresh or complete overhaul? Take a look at Prodec's intelligently designed wireless network solutions perfect for offices, campuses, retail, and hospitality environments.

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Move your business to the cloud

Customers connected to Prodec’s private cloud infrastructure gain access to a range of enterprise grade network, mobility and security services. Take a look at how your business can move to the cloud with confidence with Prodec's Hosted services.

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How much time are you spending on the “day to day stuff”?

Don’t spend all of your time on IT administration and user support. By outsourcing the management of your IT to Prodec Networks, your internal IT teams can focus on new business initiatives and drive new revenue for your organisation.

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