Prodec's business continuity services ensure "business as usual" if the worst was to happen.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, simple human error or a malicious criminal act, it’s essential to protect your business assets and online presence against threats such as data breaches, data loss or extended operational and network downtime.

Are you prepared for anything?

A properly implemented business continuity strategy will not only protect your business from costly losses and limit operational downtime in the event of a disaster, but will also improve your overall data security provisions. Lack of proper planning and testing procedures can put your business at a high risk of losing critical information and potential revenue.

Prodec Networks can help you create a tailored business continuity plan to improve your resilience if unexpected disasters occur. It's worth bearing in mind that it's far less expensive and disruptive to implement a comprehensive business continuity plan than to recreate all of your lost business assets from scratch.

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Business Continuity Services

A Prodec Networks expert will guide you through a range of business continuity issues that your business may encounter, and can offer support and solutions on the following:  

Hardware Failure

Network Failure

  • Implementation of redundant web infrastructure to fail-over to in the event of an outage.
  • Consider temporary or mobile data connectivity solutions in the event of a more severe outage, so you can still access the Internet over a 3G or 4G network.

Data Breaches

  • Back up data frequently to minimise loss in the event of a security breach.
  • Installation of network security to prevent a data breach in the first place. This includes authentication technology, NGFW and enterprise threat prevention.

Choosing a new cloud provider

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Network Services

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