Datacentre, internet and mobile connectivity solutions built to support your modern workforce

Provide your workforce with secure access to your business network, data and applications from any location

It’s become increasingly more important for users to securely and simply connect to required network resources when in the office as well as when working externally or on the move. Prodec Networks can provide organisations with a range of connectivity services including direct Layer-2 connections to the internet via Prodec’s own secure datacentre infrastructure.

For your remote and on-the-go workers, mobility solutions such as VPN connections, remote desktops and hosted service are all available as solutions from Prodec, ensuring high-quality, resilient connectivity around the clock.

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Office connectivity and lines

Prodec partners with leading network engineering companies and engineering aggregates to deliver physical data lines into organisations. These Layer-2 connections don’t pass through the internet, meaning that access to business resources isn’t influenced by fluctuations in internet bandwidth, helping to ensure a stable, reliable connection. Prodec offers a range of connectivity line options including FTTC, DSL, EFM and LES.

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Deliver secure network connectivity to all your locations

Prodec Networks is carrier agnostic and provides cost effective connectivity solutions to ensure your office and home workers are available from any location.

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I need to:

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Improve application performance

A Layer 2 connection to your business critical applications, bypassing the public Internet, ensures quality of service can be configured and optimum performance is consistently retained.

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Secure internet access

With a Layer 2 connection from Prodec Networks, all data passes through a highly secure next-generation perimeter firewall, with intrusion prevention systems, anti-malware and advanced threat prevention.

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Connect sites more effectively

An MPLS based network from Prodec Networks links multi-site organisations, including home-based and remote users, on to the same logical network to improve communication and collaboration efficiency across sites.

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Support your modern workforce with

prodec datacentres

Prodec datacentres

Prodec’s hosted services are delivered from three UK-based datacentres that form the basis of Prodec’s dedicated VPLS network. Connecting to Prodec’s datacentre infrastructure provide Prodec’s customers with access to a range of hosted services and solutions, increasing the resilience, availability and mobile working capabilities of an organisation.

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Mobility tools

Prodec’s range of mobility-enabling solutions allow your colleagues to work securely from any location, at any time, and on any device. With connectivity options including VPN, hosted desktops and intelligent wireless networks, your workforce can work in a way that best suits their roles.

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Supporting your modern workforce

The modern workforce works from anywhere. Learn how to enable your teams to work, communicate and succeed from any location and in a working style that suits their role in this free eGuide from Prodec Networks.

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