Network management

Maintain a stable, secure network and support your modern workforce

Network management

Gain visibility of your network with Prodec's simple-to-use management tools

Business networks of today need to be smarter to address modern challenges such as high-volumes of mobile devices, remote working, and a greater reliance on hosted technologies. It’s vital that network management tools and interfaces support these technologies to enable all of the benefits associated with the modern workplace.

Prodec’s network management tools combine automation, machine learning, simple-to-use interfaces and unparalleled levels of visibility to create smart networks which reduce outages and improve performance.


Network management - An employee manages his network

Network management made easy

There’s no reason why network management tools need to be complicated to use. Whether you’re exploring cloud  solutions or opting for an onsite deployment, Prodec can deliver simple-to-use management software with intuitive interfaces that make troubleshooting simple and effective. 

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Take a deep dive and learn how your network is used

Prodec’s network management applications provide data visibility up to application layer, allowing network administrators to understand exactly how network resources are being utilised. This data can then be used to create and amend new network policies, predict busier periods and better understand how traffic moves around the network. 

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Management made easy with NetWorks

Take a look at Prodec's network monitoring solution, NetWorks. See how you could enhance and extend your business capabilities from the heart of your business - the network!

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Prodec Networks provide management tools from leading manufacturers

Network management - The Cisco DNA dashboard

Cisco DNA

Cisco’s intent-based networking portfolio allows you to automate network operations, optimise the use of network technologies, contain security threats, and regain control.

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Network management - The Cisco Meraki dashboard

Cisco Meraki

Meraki’s cloud managed networking portfolio allows network administrators to access and manage their entire network from a centralised dashboard accessible from any device.

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Network management - The Aruba Networks dashboard

Aruba Networks

Aruba’s network management solutions offer clear visibility of network usage and detailed analysis for organisations of all sizes.

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Gain complete peace of mind with network management from Prodec Networks

Network management - An employee uses a network monitoring tool

Network management, managed.

NetWorks from Prodec Networks enhances and extends the capabilities of your internal IT teams by creating a support overlay consisting of monitoring tools, powerful applications and dedicated service desk agents. This helps to ensure your network runs at optimum performance and remains secure whilst allowing your own IT teams to focus on business initiatives and activities of value.

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